Special Exhibitions
Precious Antiques of Ningbo Museum

Museums are sacred halls for collecting achievements of human civilization and inheriting culture. It is an important duty and mission of Chinese museums to collect, preserve and exhibit the cultural relics that bear the spirit of the Chinese nation and the skills of the times.

President Xi Jinping emphasized that “we need to bring all collections in our museums to life”. The vitality of cultural relics comes from integrating into society, returning to society and serving the people. Since its establishment, Ningbo Museum has devoted itself to protecting cultural relics and spreading culture. By actively carrying out colorful exhibition activities, every cultural relic hidden in the “boudoir” has been “brought to life”, so as to meet the cultural needs of the general public.

Most of the over 200 precious cultural relics in this exhibition are being exhibited for the first time. We hope you will enjoy the beauty of these cultural relics in exquisite ancient jade articles, finely carved ivories and rhino horns, mellow ink fragrance, wonderful porcelain and superb woodcarvings, feel the long history of Chinese civilization, and truly sense the excellent artistic imagination and creativity of ancient craftsmen and our profound tradition of collecting cultural relics.

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