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  Ningbo, locating in the east coast of China, is a historical and cultural city which has 7,000 years of civilization and 1,200 years of city history . Since the reform and opening up, Ningbo has become one of the most developed cities.
  Ningbo Museum is the symbol of Ningbo culture. It is a comprehensive museum with geographical features, showing the history of humanities and arts. Ningbo Museum costs 250,000,000 yuan, covering an area of 60 Mu (an unit of area, 1 Mu equals to 666.66㎡) with 303,250,000㎡ building areas. Welcome to Ningbo Museum’s website. From here, you will learn more about Ningbo Museum, Ningbo, and China. And welcome you to visit Ningbo Museum. You will find lots about the past and present about Ningbo, China and even the world.


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