The Oriental Superb Ship--Ningbo History Exhibition
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Here are displays of the splendid deduction of the Hemudu Culture, abundant remains of Yuyue people’s opening-up of the region, a series of discoveries of the Yue Ware porcelains, and the establishment and development of the Mingzhou Port… 

This was the core port on the “Marine Silk Road” for the communication between eastern and western civilizations, the first place receiving the western culture in China, and also the hometown of the “Gang of Ningbo”. In the process of collision and fusion and learning and initiation, a strong-colored chapter of Chinese and west culture communication history was completed here. Here again, the Chinese academic tradition originated in the Northern Song dynasty developed into schools of great masters in the Ming and Qing dynasties, which had deep influences in the country.

In a time of 7000 years, the Ningbo people formed their cultural tradition and concept of respecting their own hometown, working and learning diligently, pioneering the common practice and adapted in business. And on a land of 80,000 li (one li=1/2 kilometer), they developed their characters of facing towards the sea and looking at the world, with a wide breadth of mind and a persistent and dauntless will.

The history becomes fresh and alive here, and the regional culture has been deduced. While crossing through the time-space and strolling along the long history, we wish it would turn to be the contemporary human spirit. Let’s carry forward the spirit of being “sincere, practical, open-mined and initiative” to promote the scientific development and construction of a harmonious society, and bring the modernization of this international port city into a new phase.

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