Special Exhibitions
Auspicious Tigers—Spring Festival Exhibition of Zodiac-Inspired Relics and Art for the Year of the Tiger

May the arrival of the Tiger bring prosperity to the world!

The Chinese people have lived alongside tigers for millions of years. Due to their elegant, imposing, and majestic appearance, since ancient times, tigers have been viewed in traditional Chinese culture as a symbol of courage and power, capable of dispelling evil.

In recent years, Ningbo Museum has organized five consecutive editions of zodiac-themed exhibitions of relics and artwork, as part of a nationwide effort organized by China Cultural Relics News. The exhibitions have proven popular with visitors. To give museum-goers deeper insight into the rich, diverse, and profound culture behind Chinese zodiacs, this year, Ningbo Museum is partnering with Yunnan Provincial Museum, Tianjin Museum, Jingzhou Museum, as well as district- and county-level museums across the city to showcase cultural relics and artwork inspired by the tiger. The three parts of this exhibition— “Leaping Over Millennia: Tigers in the Natural World”, “Roaring in the East: Tigers in History and Culture”, and “Prowling Across the Lands: Tigers in Folk Traditions”— explain how tigers evolved and demonstrate how tiger-inspired artistic elements have been used in ceremonies, warfare, daily life, and funeral rites.

The romantic and passionate Bachu culture along the middle course of the Yangtze, the mysterious yet vibrant Dian culture of the southwestern border, and the elegant and historical Huaxia culture of central China joins Ningbo’s Wuyue culture to form the eternal and rich tapestry that is Chinese culture. Though each area’s culture has its unique charms, they all share the same deep roots.

The Tiger’s roar shall awaken the world from its wintery slumber and herald the start of spring. May the robust spirit of the Tiger be with us as we continue to reach new heights!

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