Special Exhibitions
Dinosaurs in China

Dinosaurs are the most watched and popular ancient creatures in the world. Some of the “superstars” includes, Tyrannosaurus rex, Triceratops and Stegosaurus. Most of the well-known dinosaur fossils are found in North America and other places, but we know very little about the dinosaurs in China. In fact, China is the country with the most discovered and named dinosaur fossils. Since the first discovery of dinosaur fossils in Heilongjiang Province in 1902, a total of 338 dinosaur species have been discovered and named in China.

Where did these dinosaurs once lives? What do they eat? Did they really went extinct? Through various break-through research, scientists have revealed the answers to these questions from dinosaur fossils found in different ecological environments.

The purpose of this exhibition is to let everyone understand more about “Our Dinosaurs” through the findings and research results obtained from the Chinese dinosaur expeditions.

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